Number 1 Wedding Hair Question Answered - Up or Down?

Number 1 Wedding Hair Question Answered - Up or Down?

Are you one of those indecisive brides that just can't figure out how to have your hair for your wedding? It's keeping you up at night, your Pinterest board is over flowing? Well hopefully by reading the rest of this blog it may help you decide. 


My Wedding Hair Story

I had my hair down for my dream beach wedding. Why? Because my hair is a security blanket and I feel my most prettiest with it down. So I followed all my advice I would give to a bride. I had a full head of tape extensions and halo (I wanted long thick hair and I definitely don't have that) and I'm pretty lucky my hair holds a curl really well. 

HOWEVER the weekend of our wedding we suffered from crazy winds and thunderstorms. So a long story short I got pretty wind swept and my curls had dropped from a glamour wave to a beach wave. Luckily for me after our photos I was able to run back to my room and quickly fix up my hair. But I know not every bride has that luxury. 


Before the wind

glamour curl wedding hair


After the wind (our first dance)

wedding first dance beach wave hair


But I wouldn't change a thing. I loved my hair and I actually loved how it changed.


Now back to you

Anyway let me tell you my thoughts and advice from a professional point of view. Should you wear your hair up or down on your wedding day;



  • If you want your hair down and want to hold all day, I HIGHLY recommend you invest in hair extensions to help with the hold but please be aware that you hair may still drop a little. I recommend this if your hair is fine or thick.
  • Weather - this is something us hairstylists cannot control (as I found out on my wedding day) wind, rain and HUMIDITY. These are factors that will ruin your hair if it’s down.
  • If your hair does have a tendency to drop a little and Mother Nature also decides to say hi, and that doesn’t bother you! Hell go for it girl wear it down.
  • DRESS - think about the neckline and the style of your dress. If you have heaps of detail down the back you won't want to cover it. 

UP -

  • Pretty much an up hairstyle is guaranteed to hold all day and night and i’ve even had brides that said it looked great the next day too.
  • HAIR COLOUR - just consider your hair colour when you look for pictures (I will go into more detail of this on my next blog) just search for pictures that are the same colour as your hair PLEASE!
  • Padding or hair extensions - depending on your hair you may need some assistance to get that perfect bun or volume style. Just be opened minded.


I hope this helps you decide a little more with deciding an up or down style. Even if it just lets you be a little more open minded at your trial and to work with your hairstylist to find the perfect style for you.

Please comment below if you have any questions or feedback.

Until next time,


Ceri x