Do I say 'I Do' to the veil?

Do I say 'I Do' to the veil?

The Veil, amongst many, one of the oldest traditions for a bride on her wedding day. However the modern day brides are saying no thank you to the veil, and guess what that’s ok. 

I said no to a veil. Why you ask?

Well, l my wedding was laid back, beach cocktail style wedding with many traditions broken. Plus I personally felt like I was playing dress up when I tried one. It just didn't go with my style and dress. 

BUT, don’t get me wrong, I think veils are stunning and can be the classic finishing touch to a brides complete look. 

Our Beach Wedding April 2018
 Image: Our Wedding Day

Wedding Traditions

It got me thinking though, when me and my husband were planning our wedding we decided to break a few traditions, thus made me think, why do we even have these traditions? So I did a little research and came across some rather amusing and interesting facts. 
As my post is dedicated to veils I thought I would share with you why traditionally we have them. 

Why do we traditionally have veils?

Well in the olden days, brides wore veils to protect them from evil spirits, and to also preserve their modesty. 

But in some cultures, it was employed by dear old dad to trick the groom into marrying his daughter who, well...may not have been chosen otherwise. Almost like married at first sight. 
The dainty headwear was also used in arranged marriages to hide the identity of the bride until the unveiling at the ceremony. Now days it is more of an accessory and very rarely are used over the face.

Traditional VeilImage:

Bring it back to 2019

We are choosing veils as an accessory to our final look. There are so many different types of veils, Classic Cathedral Veil, Birdcage, Bridal Cap, Blusher and Mantilda the list goes on. 
I am not here to tell you what type of veil you should go for because that completely depends on your dress and style. But I do have some tips and advice from a hairstylist point of view. 

Genuinely veils come attached on a comb. I think this is great when you are having down hairstyle as it gives more hold (especially when it is backcombed). However there is options to not have a comb but instead have bobby pin loops. This is ideal for most up styles as the comb is sometimes tricky to wiggle into an area where most of the pinning work has gone on for your beautiful up style. But another trick is (if your comb is plastic) break some teeth of the comb. This allows the comb to sit in the hair easier plus better hold and fall of the veil from your hair.



Accessory: CONNIE                          Accessory: CARA


I hope you have enjoyed my blog, if you have any questions please leave a comment. 

Look forward to sharing with you my next blog post soon...How to find the perfect Wedding Hair


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