Bridal Fashion Week 2020 - Top 4 Accessories/Hairstyles

Bridal Fashion Week 2020 - Top 4 Accessories/Hairstyles

Photographer: Collin Pierson

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming. What venue to choose, what feel and ambiance do you want. What style best represents you and your partner.

The fun part is deciding what style you want to wear, including your hair. This is where I step in. I am all about being on trend and keeping up to date with what’s hot and what’s not. BUT also keeping it classic, so when you look back on your wedding in 10, 20 or 30 years time you will still love the style you chose.

In this blog I am going to share with you my four favourite hair accessories and styles AND my hottest tips to be on trend and still be timeless.



October brings New York Bridal Fashion Week and I have been keeping a close eye on what’s been on trend down the runway for this newest season.


NO.1 - Statement Jewelled Headband and Pearls

Bejewelled headbands on bridal fashion week 2020

LOVE LOVE LOVE this, ever since I seen these padded headbands make a come back from London Fashion Week (Thanks Blair Waldorf), back in February I have been obsessed. Although I feel like Australia is a little behind, I really think we need to get on board (My inner child is jumping for joy).

Personalised headbands are becoming more and more popular, a must have for your wedding day or even bridal shower. I am seeing these headbands as the modern version of a classic tiara. Whether it is bejewelled with crystals, diamonds, or pearls this is possibly one of my favourite's from Bridal Fashion Week. Definitely for your modern and classic bride.

HOT TIP - Maybe still too statement or a trend that will fade out fast? How about, opting for a delicate headband or hair vine for your ceremony and switching to your statement headband for the reception and some photos. Having two wedding dresses can be costly, but a simple hair accessory change can be a more cost effective way mix up your style to party into the night.


NO.2 - Hair Flowers

Photograph: Alessandro Viero

Bigger the better they say?? If you want to make a statement to your whimsical bohemian style wedding this is for you, wearing your bouquet on your head is what was popular on this years bridal runway. Not so much flower crowns but more like Flower headbands.

HOT TIP - This is a bold statement look to walk down the aisle. If you love it go for it. If you are thinking…'Hmmm I like it but I don’t know it’s a bit too much'.  
My top tip is, stay classic for the ceremony, maybe some smaller flowers as a little addition to your hairstyle, then mix it up in the reception. Go bold, go big and have fun. That's what the reception part is all about right? Who said you can’t have a style change after the usual formalities.


NO.3 - Crown Braids

braided crowns bridal fashion week 2020 
Ines Di Santino Bridal

Sticking around are the popular bohemian hair styles, the braided crowns, in a favourite half up half down hairstyle. However instead of adding flowers to the hair how about pairing it with statement earrings to add that touch of glam.

HOT TIP - Most people won’t have enough hair to create this voluminous braid and still have enough hair down to look full. I highly recommend into investing in some clip in hair extensions for this hairstyle, to get the best wow factor out off this look.


NO.4 - Hair Pieces

hair piece bejewelled clips bridal fashion week 2020Photograph: Seiji Fujimori

The 90’s trend on barrettes and hair clips in 2019 is stepping up a notch on the wedding hair front. Bridal Fashion Week brought more jewel encrusted clips, and falling strings of pearls to add that modern twist to a bridal look. This is stepping more into a classic yet modern look, but remember classic equals timeless.

HOT TIP - If you want to stay classic for your wedding day but want to keep your style on trend. Why not have your bridesmaids wear the on trend style, whilst keeping your look modern yet classic.


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I hope you have enjoyed reading through my favourite picks from this months Bridal Fashion Week 2020. Please feel free to leave a comment below